My name is Travis Sauls and I’ve been building things ever since I was a child. Growing up on a family farm in South Georgia, construction was always for a practical purpose; if you needed a fence, a shelf, or a shelter, you just built one. Little care was taken for the aesthetic qualities over function and durability. Anything that was built with care and hard work, however, always tended to come out beautiful as well.

What began as a rite of passage has, in more recent years, become quite a passion for me. Now I enjoy designing and building furniture and other crafts for myself and for others. My design goals are to re-evaluate the traditional, implement the practical, enhance the aesthetic, and ensure the durability of each individual project. My hope is that my work can be both admired and used consistently for generations.

I’ve posted some of my projects on this website, but I have many more ideas which I haven’t developed yet. If you have something in mind you’d like to make a reality, I would be very happy to help you create it. Click here to send me an email.


Travis Sauls


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