Open-Style Solid Wood Bookcase

June 25, 2011

Most of my design choices come from re-evaluating the traditional to figure out what is necessary, what is not, and how the design could be more practical. Here I took a standard bookcase structure but opened up the sides and the back instead of the solid, closed-off sides and backs of traditional bookcases which really serve no purpose.

I also wanted the back of the bookcase to rest against the wall, which greatly improves stability, especially on carpet floors. The two front legs angle back to meet the wall. This one I designed to sit above 6″ baseboards; unfortunately we recently moved into a home with 8″ baseboards and you can see it doesn’t quite make it!

The shelves generously fit books 12″ deep and over 13″ tall, or any number of other items you want to show off. As you can see, vinyl records fit perfectly!

Also, the rear of each shelf features a half-inch space so that you can pass speaker wires or lamp power cables, for instance, down behind the shelves and out of the way. Try finding that on a traditional bookcase!


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